Who we are?

Bekele Abshiro Plc, which is part of a group called BEKDESGROUP, has recently decided to step into the evolving Ethiopian garment industry. Ethiopia as the second largest populated country in Africa and her endless labor force resources is likely to grow and be one of the world's most important hubs for garment manufacturing in the next decade. 

Opportunities for our Success

Ethiopia's unique trade agreements (AGOA) enables US brands to easily manufacture garments in Ethiopia and take advantage of excellent manufacturing environment Ethiopia has to offer. The whole world of textile is focusing on Ethiopia. All major brands in the US & European retail market are on their way.

Following to our group's successful garment factory DESTA plc which is continuously growing to be the most significant export manufacturer in Ethiopia, Bekele Abshiro Plc has partnered to world's leading sewing equipment manufacturers to be presented in the Ethiopian market. 

What we have and do?

Our showroom in Addis Ababa presents all our brands together with a great variety of accessories for the garment industry sold off the counter from our stock. Our stock of machines offers the opportunity of opening a small scale garment factory on a very short notice. We also provide comprehensive guidance for the exploitation of the tax free import privilege program encouraged by the government.

Who we work with?

We offer full turnkey projects supported by Development Bank of Ethiopia and other financial institutes such as Addis Capital and we are working in full collaboration with ETIDI and world buyers to help our customers making their first steps in the exported garments markets.

We offer spare parts, after sales service and warranty from our skilled technical staff and provide consultation free of charge. Among our customers you can find top Ethiopian and foreign investors such as: Etur TextileAmbassadorEMD GarmentsGaber TextileYirgalem, EltexNovastar etc. We would be happy to welcome you in our showroom and provide you with our comprehensive package of services.




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